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East Asia Visit


In a few days some of us will set off to go to East Asia.  For me and my old roommate, it is a bit of a homecoming; for my wife it will be a new place to see.  We will spend the next seventeen days traveling around and helping local workers spread the Gospel there.  As with any international trip, everything could change once we get there, but we have a basic plan in place: -For the first eleven days of the trip we will be visiting a town where I used to live.  We will work with unreached peoples while we're there.  Some of what we will do is catching up with old contacts that I have in villages and helping them with some agricultural projects.  There was also a minor earthquake in the region last week and we might go and help with some repairs in villages to help start some new relationships with people.  I've also been brushing up on my local language so that I can share if there is an opportunity; however I'm INCREDIBLY rusty at it.

-The last four days of the trip will be spent working in a potential coffee growing region.  We will help some of the missionaries with their projects and also look at potential villages to work with for coffee.  Our hope for this portion of the trip is to determine if this is a good place to set up and place personnel.  If the trip goes well and things workout the way we think they will, we will have a missionary living there and working in those villages in the first part of 2013.

Please be in prayer for us as we travel and spend time out and about in villages.