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Who We Are

Brian Brewer

Yes, I know that you can read who we are in the “about” section. And yes, I also know that if you have even more time you can read our story in that section of this website too. However, my hope for putting a blog on this site is to do a little more than just give you information. My hope (and ours collectively as UCI) is that you see our heart behind what we are doing. First and foremost, we are passionate about sharing the gospel with those who have never heard. I spent two years overseas working with an unreached people in South Eastern Asia (estimates are they are about 0.8% Christian). There several times where I shared with someone who had never heard of Christ at all. During this time I became passionate about seeing those people reached.

Now that I am back in the U.S. for a while, I cannot separate away from the calling to reach those who have never heard. I know that I am called to be here, but at the same time, I know that I have a calling and a passion to be there. Underground Coffee International is a direct result of that passion. Everyone on our board is passionate about reaching the unreached. The missionaries that we will send out will be focused on how to best reach the unreached. Even the coffee that we sell is strategic to reaching the lost (more on that in the months to come).

So we want to be about great coffee, but even more so we want to be about lives being changed by the gospel. Our desire is to help start a movement that allows those who are unreached to finally hear about Christ.