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There are some disadvantages to being a small organization.  We run on a fraction of the funding of large organizations, we don't always fit into models of people that have done this before, and we run almost exclusively on volunteers.  There are however, some great things about being a small organization.  We have a lot of flexibility, we have personal relationships with everyone involved with our organization and we don't have to follow a "one size fits most" model.  I love being in a smaller organization that allows us to have flexibility and fit the needs of our family and ministry.

One of the biggest discussions we've been having is what does rhythm look like for our family.  Because Underground Coffee International is a business as mission (BAM) model, we have a lot of things on the U.S. side of things that need to be taken care of.   Throw in fundraising, connecting up with churches and the need to spend time with family and there are a lot of things to factor in to what the rhythm of U.S. life and life in Asia look like.

So over the next three months we are going to spend time back in the U.S.  I hesitate to call it a break; usually I refer to it as still working and missions but just wearing a different hat.  Instead of spending time with farmers, growing coffee and learning language I'll be connecting with churches and telling stories about what God is doing on the other side of the world.  I'm excited about the change of pace (and the change in weather).