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November Update: A Visitor is Coming


In the process of trying to get Luv-Luv on the field as a missionary (we're still shooting to have him out there full time by early 2013), we have always had the desire to bring him over to America if money allowed us to.  We wanted to do this so that we can sit down with him and train, work on strategy together, and allow him to meet people who have partnered with us to sponsor him as a missionary. There for a while it was looking as if we would not have the funds to bring Luv-Luv over, however over the last couple of months we have been blessed with enough money to make his trip possible.  There are plenty of stories that illustrate how God has worked this together: from cheaper than expected airfare costs, Luv-Luv being able to obtain a U.S. visa and then being surprised with a 10 year multiple entry visa (which is unheard of), and many other amazing stories.  I wish I could go into the story of his visa experience with the embassy and getting his visa, but it would take up more space than we have here.  Needless to say, God seems to be blessing this opportunity for him to come over.

Luv-Luv will be here from November 6 - December 4.  There are lots of things lined up over the next month and we are excited to have him here.  If you would like a schedule of where we will be speaking or to know more about how to be involved, please send us an email: