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Overseas Trip


IMG_0845 Wanted to keep everyone in the loop and ask for prayers over the next two weeks.  On Monday I'm headed overseas to visit Luv-Luv, meet with several other people and scout out our new location.  There will be a lot going on, but specifically you can pray for:

  • Checking out the new town (making sure coffee can grow, meeting people and looking at places to live).
  • Favor as we talk to the gov't about visas and setting up coffee growing operations.
  • Information that we can find out.  Getting info out of a developing country is incredibly difficult unless you are on the ground, and these next two weeks have potential to get a few questions answered.
  • Safe travel on planes, buses, motorbikes and maybe even a boat or two.
  • A good time of encouragement with Luv-Luv.  Aside from a few hours in an airport this past summer, he hasn't seen anyone from UCI in-person for over a year.
  • Finally, for direction as we look ahead.

There will be lots of crazy bus rides, weird foods and probably pictures of Asians doing things that, as Americans, we think are weird.  If you're the social media type, I'm sure there will be pictures posted if/when I can find a secure internet connection.  I'll make sure and post a blog update once I get back in the country.

And if you order coffee over the next couple weeks, please forgive me if it is a little slow in getting to you.  I'll make sure and mail out all the orders once I get back.