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Photo 11-8-13, 9 08 44 AM This is the first blogpost in a while.  We are in the middle of language learning and after several hours of studying, my brain doesn't usually have the ability to sit down and write.  I've also realized that time moves differently overseas.  Sometimes you look up and realize that two months have passed since your last blogpost and you didn't even realize you've lived overseas that long.  My goal is to have at least two blog updates from here each month.  Once again, sorry for the delay in posting.

The past couple of months here have been crazy.  The overwhelmingness of moving overseas, being thrown into a different culture, and trying to figure out how to survive and make it all work has been in full effect.  There have been lots of challenges but also the adventure that comes with discovering a new place and learning new things.

Since moving here the thing that I've seen over and over again is God's provision.

We have seen His provision in small things, like finding that dining room table that I was talking about in the last post.

We have seen His provision in in bigger small things, like going to the capital city to look at a vehicle, then realizing it is a piece of junk, and then finding one that is 10x better than anything else we've seen here for the same price.

We have seen His provision in things that required planning and hard work.  After two months of work we've made our house feel a little more like home.  Finding a rug (in another country), coffee table (had to be hand made), lamp (in another country), bed sheets (from America) and picture frames (also found in another country unless we wanted big, gold, gaudy ones), has been a huge provision.

And we've also seen His provision in things that can only be explained by saying "God is providing."  One of our biggest challenges here has been trying to figure out how we are going to be able to stay.  In our country, there are only two ways to be here: a 30-day tourist visa, or a work visa.  With the tourist visa, we are required to leave once a month and are not supposed to live in a house or own a car.  Obviously we knew we needed to get on a business visa.  We explored a few options right after we got here but upon closer inspection, realized they weren't going to work.

We also had a friend come to our town with a different organization at the end of June.  We live in a small city in the middle of nowhere, so it was pretty amazing they were taking a trip here.  While here, they taught English to kids at a small night school.  Our friend also introduced us to the headmaster of the school.  After a few conversations, the headmaster offered us a job teaching conversational English, 1 hour per night, 4 nights a week.  He also offered us work visas and to pay us a small salary.  This allows us to stay here legally with minimal time commitment so we can continue to focus on learning language and getting out to villages.

The headmaster has also been incredibly punctual on getting our visa paperwork done.  I can't stress how unusual that is for someone out here.  A few weeks ago, I was about to head to language class when eight policemen showed up at our door.  They were polite but all business.  They asked to see our passports and asked us if we lived in the house.  The day before, the headmaster gave me our completed business visa paperwork.  When I showed them the paperwork, their tone completely changed.  "Oh, business visa!  No problem.  Just a security check."  And then they all thanked me, shook my hand (yes, all eight of them) and left.

It could just be a coincidence that we met the headmaster and that he offered us a visa.  And it could just be a coincidence that we obtained our visa paperwork the day before the police showed up to check if we should be here.  And it could just be a coincidence that it took eight policemen to do a security check.  Or it could just be another example of God's provision.