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Rainy Season


Rainy Season


We are currently still in the middle of rainy season here in South East Asia.  And because we're in a high elevation region, we actually get an extra month of rain on the front and back-end of the monsoon.  Every day isn't a downpour, but we can expect to have heavy rains for a few hours a day.  This rain is necessary for our coffee and it also provides us a chance to stop and rest.  (Maybe saying "chance to stop and rest" should be "forced to stop and rest").

I didn't grow up as a farmer, although I spent some time in cotton country during seminary.  There are many (MANY) things that I never understood about farming until moving to Asia.  One of the biggest realizations about being a farmer is how much weather impacts your life.  Your schedule is planned around crop cycles.  Your bank account is dependent by the market for your produce as well as how well the weather cooperates.  Life is determined by the weather.

  • Too hot: plants die
  • Too cold: plants die
  • Too dry: plants die and/or low yield
  • Too wet: fungus and poor quality

I think there's a reason why statistically people in rural farming communities are more religious.  Their life is dependent on forces that, for the most part, are totally out of their control.  They spend a lot of time in prayer.

I've learned over the past few years to embrace the calendar out here.  During rainy season, I can try and fight the weather and push my own agenda or accept the reality of the season and slow down.  After a few years of being here, I've learned it is a lot easier to just enjoy the rains and the slower pace.  

During this rainy season we've been able to host some guests.  Each of our team members has also been able to travel out of country for vacation and rest.  We've been able to sit down and map-out our game plan for the next several months as well as spend needed time connecting with supporters and friends back stateside.  And while rainy season makes many things inconvenient (all of those weeds on the farm still need to be cleaned), we have enjoyed the time to take a breath and spend time refocusing and gearing up for the next season.