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Asians Reaching Asians


Asians reaching Asians, that is one of the major things that we hope to facilitate.  Whenever we look at mission work and trying to reach others, by far the best way to do it is to train up local believers then equip and support them to go out and reach others.  There are so many advantages that they have over Westerners: language, culture, preexisting networks of friends and family, and not to mention their standard of living is much less.  We can sponsor several Asian missionaries for the price of one Western missionary.  One of our hopes here at Underground Coffee International is to mainly employ Asians that can reach Asians.  Our plan is to have our first employees be Asian missionaries.  Even right now we have Asian brothers and sisters waiting on funding so they can go out and reach others. Another organization that is like minded in this has made a great video with this same point in mind.  It is a little long (about eight minutes), but if you have the time it is well worth a look.  The peoples we work with are not in this video, but they are incredibly alike in both culture and need.