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Why are they Unreached?


It is no big secret that we work with unreached peoples.  An unreached people group is generally classified as one in which there is no opportunity for a reproducing Christian community.  In terms of statistics, most people would say that a people group that is less than 2% Christian is unreached. So why, after almost 2,000 years of Christianity, are there still people who have never heard the Good News?  There are a lot of factors: accessibility, language, culture, government restrictions, and many others.  Logistically it is HUGE undertaking to even get a Bible into a language, much less getting the Bible into the hands of the people and having them understand it.  One of the people groups that we work closely with doesn’t even have one book of the Bible translated into their language yet.

Coffee seems like a natural vehicle to be able to work with unreached peoples.  A lot of unreached peoples are farmers, and many unreached peoples (approximately 6,000) live within an area called the “10/40 window”, which a large portion of is close enough to the equator to grow coffee.  These factors helped to make coffee a natural choice as a vehicle to establish relationships and share the gospel with unreached peoples.

The passion and desire of UCI is that we work with these rural farmers, teach them to plant coffee, build relationships with them and share the gospel.