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Headed Overseas


Today I'll be flying to East Asia with a group of guys.  We're going to work alongside some local church planters trying to reach an unreached people.  Except for me, none of our group has been to Asia before, much less rural Asia.  We'll also get a chance to catch up with Luv-Luv.  He's had some visa issues and will fly home for a couple weeks to get them sorted out before heading back.  We've arranged it so that we have time to connect for a few hours on one of our layovers. Words can't describe how excited I am for this trip.  Not only the opportunity to go and spend time with a people and a place that I love, but also to be able to show it to others who have no idea what they're in for over the next two weeks.  I was about the age of most of the guys going when I first went to rural Asia and felt the call to go back.  I hope there will be some lightbulb moments like that for them on this trip as well.

So if you have time, please lift a prayer for our group.  And if you order coffee over the next two weeks, it might take a little longer getting to you.  (But don't worry, it'll get there!)