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A Quick Update on Luv-Luv


Just wanted to update everyone on what we've been up to lately.  A little over a month ago Luv-Luv went to East Asia to be a full-time missionary.  He's been meeting local guys, traveling out to their villages and getting relationships started. Luv-Luv has also been traveling quite a bit.  There's a retired missionary who has partnered up with us that has helped us with some relationships in town.  He is currently trying to get some ag work up and going a little further south that we could potentially work alongside.  Luv-Luv spent about a week and traveled down there to see if it was a possibility for us.

Luv has also been working on his visa a lot.  He came in on a tourist visa and has been trying to switch to a business one so that he can freely go out to villages and not raise any questions.  It turns out switching visas is nearly impossible for us to do in-country.  Sometimes working with foreign countries and visas can be a little tricky.  Actual information doesn't always match the information they'll tell you and a lot of it can depends on the mood of the guy working the visa counter.  We're trying to figure out the best solution for Luv's visa and hope to have it all resolved in the next few weeks.

I'm leading a group out there in June, so the plan is that Luv will be back in time to meet up with us on that trip.  He'll help us out with translation and hopefully we can encourage him as well.  Plus I'm excited for our group to see him again and hear about the work in person.