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Update on Luv-Luv


Just wanted to post a quick update on Luv-Luv for everyone. Two weeks ago, Luv flew from the Philippines to China.  Over these past two weeks he has spent time in the provincial capital meeting with some of our friends about strategy and planning.  He sent me a message this morning that he has moved down south to the town of JH to start working on making connections with local villagers.

Please pray:

-That he would meet some local guys that he can build relationships with and invest in.

-For favor with the local government, extending his visa and access to places that he needs to go.

-Villages that are welcoming and open to hearing about and trying new things.

-That he would find a language tutor and that his language study would go well.

I have been able to talk to Luv-Luv several times over the past weeks, and he is always thankful for your support and prayers.  If you have a chance, please send an email ( or send him a message on Facebook letting him know that you're thinking about him.